Welcome to my blog, where you are welcome to join me in an attempt to understand the complex world in which we live!  Topics shall vary but will focus primarily on the individual, the collective, internal and external challenges, and happiness.  Fields such as philosophy and literature will also play a critical role in the discussion.  Overall, subjects shall underpin a broader existentialist theme.

The story of this blog’s creation starts during my senior year at Emory University in 2014, when I enrolled in a Sociology of Happiness seminar course.  The lessons from the class left a powerful mark that continues to influence me; I am constantly asking what makes a good life for others and myself.  The main purpose behind my writing is to reach a better understanding about the world, society, and people.

After graduation I adopted one of the contemplative practices I was exposed to in the Happiness course called journaling.  This blog is the logical next step to my private journaling, which I would like to share with others for discussion.  I am interested in learning about other people’s perspective.

Also, the title, Against Modern Consciousness, is a tribute to how I think and feel modern thought needs realignment if we are to reach our full potential as human beings.  I want to start a massive discussion on what it is we are doing with our limited time.  My intent is to uplift people by facilitating crowd reflection and unity.  I invite others’ opinions, views, and beliefs as I travel through this writing adventure with great enthusiasm to seek, learn, and live.



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