Higher Consciousness

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” – Buddha

Duty is to awaken the unconscious parts of the mind and bring it forth into consciousness in order to pay justice to reality and existence.  To achieve internally is to recognize and understand the self to its deepest and ever evolving core.  Considering we change our perceptions daily and even our beliefs throughout a lifetime, understanding ourselves fully is like striving for perfection: we can inch closer and closer to it, but there is always room for improvement, or in this case, for discovery.  So, the idea of a future date to arrive and represent the closing of the pursuit toward knowing ourselves is of no avail, because it does not exist. Yet, searching, identifying, and realizing the real you or the real self plays a significant role in living a life filled with fulfillment and purpose.

By understanding and knowing who you are, the knowledge will not only assist you in avoiding compromising your core beliefs and character, which then enables you to live in alignment and in peace with your “self”, but also you help yourself by getting out of your own way.  Without engaging and defining the self, either others will define your “self” for you with falsehoods and distortions of reality or you will live according to the “self’s” imposed limitations.  In other words, an individual without self-knowledge is aimless and set to adhere to external forces and demands without questioning the systematic influences, history, and any other puppeteers directing modern society.  Furthermore, without self-knowledge an individual is destined to irrational thinking and self-punishment.  Typically others or outside events are never obstructing an individual’s path toward their goals.  Only the “self” stands in the way most commonly.

Elevate thoughts altogether and drive closer toward actualizing true potential.




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