How will you define your legacy? In a modern world where discussions on the purpose to living are missing, the subject regarding legacy is elusive also.  Many speak of the concept in terms of  overall acquisition totals at the end of life.  Many do not contemplate the subject at all.  Legacy is an idea that may realize itself both in external and internal realms of human living.  Oftentimes individuals overemphasize the importance of legacy in the external realm.  Individuals forget to balance both worlds in which the self exits: the physical external world and the transcendental internal world. Paths exists in both arenas by which an individual may make progress toward self-actualization and reaching our greatest individual potential.

Many believe once external positioning in society is attained, though arguably no such state exists since everything is in chaotic and beautiful flux, individuals are then enabled to focus inward and develop the internal self, as though they were unable to beforehand.  However, regardless if the illusory end is achieved, an individual has the opportunity in every minute of every hour to grow the self in both external and internal realms.  The individual has the capacity by using reason to balance his or her attention on both external technical skills, interests, and passions as well as on internal pathways toward understanding the self fully as it changes with time with regard to purpose, meaning, and significance.  Furthermore, an individual may ask the self if they arrive at any end virtuously as the person they aim to display to others after arriving.  Also, an individual must ask the self how was time managed and invested throughout the path leading to the end.  While assisting others is considered an external ability or an experience that is carried out externally, the belief in helping another individual derives from the internal self, who deems the act good, valuable, and worthy of time.  The internal self manifests and attaches emotion to the things, events, and people our reason deem worthy of our finite time.  Without emotion reason falls short of carrying out action.  Reason may tell us that event X indisputably appears catastrophic to masses of people; however, action only occurs if others assessing the decision to act or not care deeply about the consequences inflicted upon others.  The decision-makers in the example must be emotionally invested.

A legacy begins the moment an individual decides to define it and to immediately implement a course of action that starts now.  Invest time in seeking and defining your legacy.  Avoid falling victim to the illusion that X, Y, and Z are needed to carve a legacy.  Names live on after death through the memories, feelings, and thoughts you gave to others, who continue to live to remember them.  Ask the self what thoughts or actions absorb time and realign, if necessary.  Ask what codes or sense of duty direct living and realign, if necessary.  Stay curious, ask questions, and live fully.




4 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. How many of us actually think about the legacy we are leaving? It requires active thinking on our part and I love how you’re encouraging us all to look within, not be influenced by external circumstances. Great post 🙂


    1. Thank you kindly for your comment Nicky M, and for recognizing my attempted aim. Also, I agree in that active thinking, as you mention, is required. I would add active presence in the here and now are needed as well.


  2. Advanced Research Technology

    Legacy to me includes living a life in such a way that it is useful and will be remembered, so that the next generation can take it even further.


    1. Ah, I love it! Utility, indeed, is an honorable aim. We each represent building blocks for the future, despite society trying to convince each of us that we are separate from one another and therefore justifying thinking in self-centered and not others-focused ways. My idea is similar on the subject. Legacy for me is measured by the extent and number of people I am able to reach and impact positively. Thank you for sharing!!

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