Ego exists in human nature, and it manifests as ignorance, greed, and desire to name a few. The ego-consciousness fights, often triumphantly, against the individual’s actual self; it bears arms to keep a self-construct derived from external impositions in power over the individual.  The ego is always alert and working to avoid its own destruction.  While the ego is awake, the actual self or an individual’s consciousness is asleep, absent, distracted, and truncated.  Whenever judgment, worry, fear, or sadness arises in an individual’s mind, ego is the culprit.  The ego’s reign is empowered by the illusion that the individual is separate from everyone else.  The ego’s argument is that an “I” has no connection to “you” or “them”.  The “I” and “me” is all that matters, and ergo it requires attention, superior status, and sustenance over “you” and “others”.  In the modern world, the ego is conquering individuals through consumption whether material or media related and impeding individuals from self-actualizing.  In brief, with material consumption as designed by capitalistic economic systems, the ego functions to influence the individual to relinquish independent thought on questions about why is acquisition valued or where does the race for status, prestige, and wealth lead or end.  Capitalism and society collude in order to create and feed a narrative to individuals who live under both entities and that demands for individuals to create categorizations by which to label and box themselves and others.  Similarly, with media consumption individuals give away more and more of their selves by allowing various media platforms to distract and numb the mind from thinking on defining questions.  For example, by consuming social media in exorbitant or unbalanced quantities and placing high value on its use, evidence exists and suggests that individuals think and feel more isolated, dissatisfied, and believe they are unsuccessful.  Capitalism and media fuel comparison.  Both attempt to supplant individuals’ freedom of thought and both serve to direct individuals’ focus narrowly and mindlessly.   Both elements distort reality in order to prevent individuals’ true inner desires and appetites from arising and using indispensable resources such as time, energy, and rational thought on pursuing an inner path as identified independently by each individual.

There is no “I” without a “you”.  Human beings are not separate from their neighbor.  In order to gain greater clarity on pursuing and achieving living a good life, individuals must consider shifting their thinking toward others’ as extensions of their selves.  As globalized as the world is today, the fates of others in different geographical locations are just as important as our dearest family members.  The reason is due to how every life interacts with another life creating individuals as composites of their overall education with others like them and different from them.  We share a world with other individuals; therefore, learning about others is unavoidable regardless if it is learning about the good and bad qualities of human nature.  With every new discovery about others’ behavior, motivations, or beliefs then the closer an individual is toward learning about themselves and their role’s purpose in the world, while understanding how others have their roles and purposes they must fulfill and serve.  The path toward arriving at the end goal is first and foremost calculating a delicate balance in all spheres of life, but also by taking power away from the ego and enabling the real self to flourish and grow.  Moreover, in order to deconstruct the ego the mind must be freed, awakened, even reborn.  Once freedom is attained individuals are able to identify and seek their inner appetites and desires.  Rather than fill the voids with external narratives, possessions, and falsehoods, enable the self, the true inner core that experiences reality to regain power from the ego and to seek truth regarding living a good life and making time count without having any regrets.  Selfishness and self-centeredness as wielded by the ego needs reducing in order to elevate the self to higher transcendental state of being.  As a species we are doing more and more, rather than being more and more.  The being part is important for unleashing the peace and happiness that already exists within us.  Rather than listen to the ego, bury the ego.  Avoid succumbing to the ego’s traps of behaving immorally or negatively toward another in order to secure one’s external path or position.  Lift others and celebrate their success, because the more able-minded and bodied persons the world has then the more benefits are created for the world to share.  Find a balance in focusing and channeling energy between both the external and internal worlds that the self exists in.



2 thoughts on “Ego

  1. Powerful thoughts here – but how refreshing to know that once freedom is attained, you can explore what makes your soul sing and create a truly authentic version of yourself. Lovely post 🙂


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