How will you define your legacy? In a modern world where discussions on the purpose to living are missing, the subject regarding legacy is elusive also.  Many speak of the concept in terms of  overall acquisition totals at the end of life.  Many do not contemplate the subject at all.  Legacy is an idea that may realize itself both in external and internal realms of human living.   Continue reading “Legacy”


I Would Rather be Strange

To living an authentic life for achieving greater internal happiness and tranquility.

To those who would call me strange, I say that I would rather be your kind of strange than mine because, to me, strange is denying the truth of our nature.

To me, strange is ignoring the pull of the moon’s tides in our veins simply because we can’t yet measure its influence.

Strange is pretending that our bones aren’t made of the same dust that’s beneath our feet, or that our bodies aren’t filled with the same water that crashes in waves on the shores.

To me, strange would be to deny kinship with the animals, even though we’re born of the same union between the earth and the sky.

What I consider strange is clinging to one identity, like a summer that refuses to concede to the coming autumn.  And stranger still is to reject our responsibility to one another, like a maple tree denying the birds and…

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“Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time,’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to.”
― Lao Tzu

The most valuable currency is time, which is not to be confused with the old cliche stating, “time is money.”  Rather, time is irreplaceable. In fact, there is no substitute for its value.  In a world that strives to acquire more, time lacks the capacity to increase its possesion; time is an entity that continues to decrease in its amount versus increase with every passing day.  Moreover, time exists on a continuum by which it has the ability to expand and lengthen or shrink and shorten.   Continue reading “Time”