Law of Attraction

“We see, feel, and ultimately attract what we focus on.”
― Brain Drain The Breakthrough That Will Change Your Life by Charles F. Glasman M.D.

Output equals input.  Thoughts, emotions, and behavior released into the external world are the same thoughts, emotions, and behavior received.  Exercising a positive attitude attracts more positivity, and the opposite is also true by which exercising negativity attracts more negativity.  Modifying and keeping personal power over our attitude is key.  Even if you do not feel like smiling smile and allow the feelings to follow, and open yourself to seeing the reasons in front of you for smiling.  There is always a reason to practice gratitude.  Genuinely concerned neighbors, friends, and family will support and console an individual in emotional need, but after several attempts those same supportive individuals stop generously giving their support.  One possible reason they cease the support is because they rationalize that they are harming the individual more by disabling them from finding peace independently.  The act of assisting for too long begins to break and alter the law of attraction for both parties.  Another reason is that good people must guard their own moods and attitudes from pessimistic persons in order to continue doing and spreading good to more people.  Guarding one’s attitude from negativity serves the law of attraction to continue to serve accordingly.  This is emotional intelligence at one of its best.  Often giving parties listen to the receiving parties’ negativity to avoid appearing insensitive or rude.  However, listening at a certain point does more harm than good for both parties by causing the giver to sink into the negative mood of the receiver and enabling the receiver to perpetuate his or her own negative behavioral patterns.  Balance is key.  The intelligent and still compassionate giver must know how to set limits and distance their self from the floating negativity.

The world is filled with intricate energies and persistent change.  In the midst of all the external chaos and noise, distraction is appealing and nearly impossible to ignore.  Many paths and crossroads exist as well as free will and choice with respect to living a good life; therefore, as rational humans it is our duty to use reason in determining our choices, our select paths, and unselect paths.  Fear of living fully is a reoccurring culprit that attempts to hinder or slow an individual’s progress toward his or her fate.  However, the cure to distraction is attention.  If one does not derive an independent kind of attention, then many other forces are on the fringe competing for your attention in the form of distraction.  To attract positive waves one must give total attention to the present moment and guide oneself with amazement and gratitude through unique paths in order to reach truth and understanding of existence and in order to obtain reciprocation of what we give out.  The law applies beyond our attitudes and perceptions of the world, people, and events; it influences health, relationships, and external and internal success.



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