Change is inevitable; yet, nothing need be forgotten or used to remember times of great joy and happiness.  Previous relationships from friends to romantic partners even family members change, which subsequently changes the nature of the relationship.  You change.  Without change one remains stagnant.  Change is also necessary in order for growth even if one returns to where one started with renewed perception and understanding.  Because one changes his beliefs,  opinions, attitudes, and behavior then understanding and accepting others around us change too is made easier.  Others are not exempt, and therefore do not deserve scrutiny as much as one’s changed self does not deserve judgment or complete exclusion or dismissal.

Many believe the world will never change, and even if it does the change will be supplanted by more change afterward due to the constant inevitability of change and following the natural and historical cycle of creation and destruction.  So, despite knowing and understanding creation is followed by destruction no matter how long into the future it takes for destruction to arrive should not creation still lead in how we think as a society to improve the world in which we inhabit?  In other words, should not an individual act and think otherwise as he or she sees fit despite hearing others tell them they must conform in order to fit into society that is derived from several abstract social constructs and invisible powers?

In welcoming the 2016 New Year reflect and analyze how you have changed throughout 2015 and throughout the culminating years.  Decide whether the changes were imposed by one’s self in conscious decision-making or if the change was imposed externally by the environment and one had to adopt a certain change for means of survival.  Then, with mindfulness decide again if the changes one sees in oneself are allowed to remain because they are beneficial and fit in alignment with the rest of one’s moral and ethical code or let go of the change in order to acquire more balance and confirmation in one’s values.  In other words seek to eliminate contradictions in oneself in order to attain heightened inner peace, more understanding, and less confusion.

Lastly in also welcoming the New Year assess the power of choice and thoughts.  Question everything.  Seek answers by using diverse sources, and think independently.  Reject allowing others’ or society to think for you.  Every mind is a priceless gem, and therefore a single mind should not waste in imitating others’ line of thought nor waste in thinking mindlessly.  We all have valuable contributions to make in the world, and we all have power to make a positive difference.  The choice arises, when one thinks if one should trail blaze a new path in hopes of finding something better to benefit a significant amount of people despite knowing people before them have tried and succeeded and failed in creating “good “change and people after them will try to destroy their creation and will fail and succeed as well.  Will one still rise in an attempt to pursue positive change in oneself and in the world?

May many more find their way in 2016, since others’ happiness and fulfillment is at stake, given we all share one world and affect one another’s lives directly and indirectly daily.



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