Change is inevitable; yet, nothing need be forgotten or used to remember times of great joy and happiness.  Previous relationships from friends to romantic partners even family members change, which subsequently changes the nature of the relationship.  You change.  Without change one remains stagnant.   Continue reading “Change”



“Evil is the vulgar lover who loves the body rather than the soul, inasmuch as he is not even stable, because he loves a thing which is in itself unstable, and therefore when the bloom of youth which he was desiring is over, he takes wing and flies away, in spite of all his words and promises; whereas the love of the noble disposition is life-long, for it becomes one with the everlasting.” – Symposium by Plato Continue reading “Love”

Ingredients for Health & Wellness

“The key to creating health is figuring out the cause of the problem and then providing the right conditions for the body and soul to thrive. It isn’t taking another medication.” – Mark Hyman, M.D.

Modern solutions to illness and disease are treating the surface, rather than resolving the root problems.  In particular, as a society we know how to eradicate many chronic illnesses, which would not only alleviate overburdened healthcare systems but would also create new possibilities for human potential to contribute skills, innovation, and ideas to the global economy.   Continue reading “Ingredients for Health & Wellness”