“Truth is confirmed by inspection and delay; falsehood by haste and uncertainty.” – Tacitus

The future is uncertain; yet, the present moment is certain.  Everyone faces uncertainty regarding decisions leading to professional and personal or external and internal development. Uncertainty permeates short and long term timelines.  One way to conquer uncertainty is to not fight against forces, but rather adapt to them.  After making a choice, whether to move across the country for a new career opportunity or to decide to show one’s vulnerability to a potential romantic partner, adapt to the outcome and find the the opportunity to grow.  Let go of expectations; the world does not owe anything and instead embrace the lessons.  After all, the accumulated wisdom is an invaluable benefit gained.

If permitted, uncertainty has the capacity to distract individuals from owning their white space.  Rather than feeling uncertain or fearful about the future or feeling stuck, take charge to own the present and the influence you have on the 8 ft. radius around you.  Life does not happen in the future; thinking life starts after X happens is failure to maximize the time for internal development in the interim.  Every moment is the right moment to get to know oneself better and determine what kind of person one wants to grow into as well as identifying what strengths and weaknesses one embodies in order to keep building and improving.  Yesterday is gone and the future is inherently uncertain.  Life is not guaranteed; death is looming and has the power to avert future plans, which is not to sound morbid, but rather a means to deliver a jolting call to live every moment consciously awake.

There is no reason to miss out on the opportunities in front of our present moments. Recognize what is controllable and what is not.  There is an opportunity to develop meaningful relationships, to build character, and to create unforgettable memories that our minds are able to travel back to in order to relive the positive emotions.  The things that are not controllable test our abilities to change ourselves for the better and to make us stronger.  Life would be quite boring if everything went according to plan.  Some individuals achieve their plans only to arrive and realize it was not what they wanted.  Accept the adventure of living.  Do not miss out on the memorable beauty and awe of the world.



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