“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” – John Powell

Making mistakes are unavoidable, and the good news is that lessons await in each of them.  If we do not make mistakes and if we do not fail, then we remain stagnant.  Change and growth occurs as a result of recognizing what did not work and finding other solutions and possibilities to improve our approach in the future.  Mistakes help unlock answers to questions.   They help build our future selves. Mistakes make us stronger and better, if taken advantage.  Take time in quietness and solitude to analyze, reflect, and parse the seeming mistake until you receive all of its teachings.  Never allow fear of making a mistake stop you from living, trying something new, and learning.

Mistakes add missing pieces to the puzzle of our paths.  They are part of our rising action leading to the much anticipated climax in each of our individual stories.  Do not waste them by simply dismissing them without attributing any attention.  Use them and refrain from avoiding them.  Utilize them to work on any weaknesses or areas in need of improvement.  View them as guiding posts leading you to revelations you subconsciously need, desire, or both.  Acquire the new ways of thinking that result, and gain the experience that accompanies each one.  After all, an instruction manual on how to live perfectly with oneself and others in the world does not exist; we must arise to the task as best we can.

As a culture, however, mistakes are not welcome.  Somehow mistakes and failure are perceived as permanent fixtures.  We forget mistakes  are temporary; they do not last.  Emotions, events, and people involved in mistakes do not last.  Therefore, there is no reason to exclude them. In addition, a mistake is only a small snapshot of an individual’s decisions throughout their entire lifespan.  Keep moving forward.  Also, do not hold mistakes against others, since we are all susceptible in making them.  The only difference is timing.  We have all made mistakes, and recognizing that we are not infallible can either serve to pull us together or pull us apart.

When we recognize mistakes as presents for our growth, our state of happiness is not adversely affected.  We keep power and control over our destiny better.  Do not allow unexamined mistakes take away from your level of happiness nor deter you from reaching fulfillment.   Seek answers.



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