Mind and Body

“A feeble body weakens the mind.” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The ongoing national healthcare debate underscores the need for further discussion on our health as individuals and as a society.  Today food manufacturers have hijacked nutrition in the name of mass production and profit.  Food is tarnished with hormones and preservatives.  Manufacturers deceive the public as well as work around the FDA regulations to add sugar to every product and hiding it behind various nicknames on the ingredients list.   Sugar alone contributes a great percentage to the growing obesity epidemic sweeping the nation.  With the food  industry’s unrelenting marketing teams, the problem is affecting youth too.

With many interested parties involved in the food business industry, the issue is political now.  However, the public can take back power by taking control of their own health.  I understand accessibility and affordability of quality food are challenges that are intertwined with other far more complex systems.  Still, parts of the problem are repairable.  For instance, with some organization and planning cooking meals instead of eating-out saves you money, saves you from guessing what is in your food, and saves you travel and wait time.  Trade in the convenience and put in the work to ensure the long-term benefits to your health and your wallet.

Nutrition is the foundation to good health, and physical exercise is the next building block.  Study after study shows the benefits to exercise: reduces mental stress by controlling cortisol secretion, improves mood by releasing endorphins, and enhances mental clarity and focus.  Boosting fitness levels affects work productivity, because people do not miss as many days from work for doctor visits for example.  Furthermore, improved work productivity has the ability to affect the national economy’s health, which has the potential to lead to greater societal benefits.  However with all the health crazes marketed promising instantaneous results, health is misunderstood.   Choosing health is an ongoing conscientious decision; it is a lifestyle and not bursts of short periods.  There are no shortcuts, and there is no finish line.

The primary reason for nutrition and exercise is health.  The secondary reasons are naturally occurring side-effects such as lean body mass and muscle gains.  The body and mind will transform together.  Self-discipline and confidence will increase, which will influence other spheres of life such as the personal, social, and professional.  Exercising regularly adds significantly to the overall well-being of an individual, because it affects more than the body.  The mind is strengthened to endure stress and overcome challenges.  The art of goal-setting is learned.  In other words, many life skills are learned through exercising if given the attention.

In sum, the healthier you are the less likely you will have to depend on the healthcare system later.  Preventative care is key in living a healthy and enduring life.  The return on investment is priceless.  Try forgetting about the results and enjoy the process.  Some days may be worse than others.  However, the key is to keep trying and to never give-up.  Practice makes better.

Exercise: Identify your kind of workout.  Then, create a game plan on easing the workout time into your daily routine.

Bonus: Start the road toward eliminating one bad diet habit such as skipping breakfast or drinking soda.

~ I programmed my own strength training workouts through my own research for over 2 years before finding crossfit in January 2015.  I look forward to each crossfit workout, especially now that the 6 AM class is growing!  ~



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