Meaning of Vocation

“Chase your passions and money will come.  Chase money and you may never find your passions.” – Colin Wright

Do not allow society to choose your career path for you; muster the courage necessary to walk in the direction of your choosing.  Given that a person spends about a third of their lifetime at their job, a moment, thought, and action should not be wasted in ensuring you are taking steps towards securing the job that will feed your soul.

 Identify and transform your passions into careers that will naturally catapult you out of bed in the morning and invigorate you with purpose.   Refrain from handing over power to others in allowing them to stop your attempts.  Likewise, do not give-in to self-sabotage.  Talk back to any self-doubt and fear with reason and affirmations.

Too often people lay the groundwork in careers that do not excite them.  People seem to live only for Fridays and weekends, rather than every day.  Similarly, people seem to concern themselves more with annual vacations and retirement, rather than trying to attain their ideal job, whereby the need for escape and retirement is unnecessary.  Feeling alive should not be limited to only a part of a whole lifetime.  Instead of seeking short, temporary, and idle escape, find the thing you never want to escape from.  In the same way, find the thing you never want to retire from actively taking part.  After all, notice many do not have an answer as to how they would spend their time after reaching retirement.  Yet, people seem to pursue it blindly even to their own detriment and despite feeling unhappy and unfulfilled in the process.

Also, consider not allowing money, status, or prestige silence your inner calling.  If you love what you do, then money will find a way into your life to cover the costs of living until you can transform your passion into a full-time career.  The high suicide rate of U.S. attorneys (5th highest) has received national attention.  Lets work toward getting every individual to the profession in which they will thrive, rather than having the wrong people doing the jobs of another’s aspiration.  In order to encourage authenticity, demand support and acceptance, or at least prevent discouragement as a society, individuals must support and accept another’s authentic selves.  In other words, practice self-awareness; if you have experienced rejection or societal labeling, then do not continue the behavior unto someone else.  Break the cycle.

Exercise: Make a list of your hobbies or find hobbies that interest you.

Bonus: Ask yourself why do you wake-up every day and go to work and if you could try out any job for one year what would it be and why?

~Some of my interests include writing, practicing the guitar, photography, hiking, meditation, politics, and people.  However, the interest that evolved into the passion is physical and mental fitness.~



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